YUTECH Services

YUTECH has work experience on various Automation Platforms of DCS/PLC of all major manufacturers.

At YUTECH, it is our commitment to Quality Instrumentation and Exceptional Customer Service that has remained the cornerstone of our success. YUTECH has clear priority, to facilitate the best suited solutions to your specific needs.

Project Consultancy Services:
  • Selection of Controller, I/Os and Communications as per Project requirement
  • Designing of Control System Architecture
  • Preparation of Panel Wiring Diagrams
  • Preparation of Panel As Built Diagram with Connection Details
  • Design of Control Panel
  • Selection of Instruments
  • Sizing of Flowmeters and Control Valves
  • Preparation of Instrument List
  • Preparation of I/O List with Ferruling Details
  • Preparation & Compilation of Controller, I/O & Instrument Datasheet
  • Preparation of Cable Schedule Details with Complete Ferruling Details from Field to Control Panel including JB
  • Cable Tray Routing & JB Marking on Plant Layout
  • Preparation of Marshalling Cabinet Diagrams and Connection & Ferruling Details
  • Preparation of Instrument Hook-up Diagram with Tag Details
  • Marking of Instrument with Tag Details on P and I Diagram if provided by client or making of new P & I Diagram as per System requirement
  • Preparation of Process Control Loop Schematic Diagram & Control Philosophy
  • Preparation of Process Control Algorithm & Flowchart
  • Preparation of Boolean Logic
Project Execution Services:
  • Assembly & Integration of Control System as per requirement
  • Establishment of System Communication
  • Development of Application Software as per Project requirement
  • Building of Control Logic on Logic Platform Software and its Deployment to the Controller and troubleshooting
  • Development of Application Oriented SCADA Software
  • Establishing Communication between the SCADA and Controller
  • Establishing the linkages between elements of SCADA and Controller
  • Development of Software for Customized Report Generation
  • Establishing Third Party Communications with the Controller
  • Physical verification of Inputs and Outputs
  • Undergo FAT and SAT
  • Installation and Calibration of Filed Instruments
  • Total Integration of the Control System with Field Instruments and Physical Signal Verification and Trouble Shooting
  • Installation and Commissioning of Automation System
  • Conducting Field Trials
  • Conducting Onsite System Training
  • Handing over the System to End User
Industrial Automation System Maintenance Services:
  • Maintenance of existing DCS System
  • Maintenance of existing PLC System
  • Maintenance of existing Automation System based on Standalone Controllers
  • Software Modifications as and when required
  • Addition of Process Control Loops, Logic Development and Modification
  • Loop Testing and Trouble Shooting
  • Establishing Third Party Communications with the Existing System if this facility is available in the Existing Controller
  • Up-gradation of Existing Control System
  • Undertaking of AMC for existing Automation System
  • Supply of Spares and Equipment for additional Loops
Industrial Automation System Maintenance Services:
  • Calibration of existing Field Instruments through HART Communicator / Keypad / Trimming Potentiometers
  • Field Instrument Maintenance
  • Control Valve Calibration and Maintenance
  • Control Loop Testing
  • Undertaking of AMC for existing Instrumentation System / Field Instruments
  • Supply and Commissioning of Field Instruments, Control Valves and Spares
  • Providing Hands on Training on Various Automation Platforms to Field Engineers at Factory Site
  • Conducting Hands on Training Programs for Various Automation Platforms to Client Engineers at our Training Center
  • Conducting Hands on Training Programs for Engineering and Technical Students on:
  • Basic PLC Orientation and Programming
  • PLC based Control Applications
  • PLC Communications
  • SCADA Development
  • Project Documentation
  • Field Instrument Application, Installation, Testing and Calibration

We provide Automation Project Consultancy Services, Automation Project Execution Services from Miraj, Sangli, Maharashtra, India.