YUTECH Automation in Sugar Mill Operation ensures the following advantages.

  • Increased Milling with the same equipment.
  • Continuous and Uninterrupted Feeding reduces Downtime and Increase Throughput.
  • Elimination of Choking at Preparatory Devices, Mills, Chutes or Carriers.
  • Maintained Juice to Imbibition Water Ratio increases Evaporation Efficiency.
  • Optimum Mill Speeds with respect to Loads and Levels ensure good Milling Results at all times.
  • Effective water saving and cutting off water flow when crushing is stopped.
  • Constant juice Flow for process ensures even loading in the Boiling House and Stabilizes and Reduces the steam Consumption which means higher Boiling House efficiency and Bagasse Saving.
Yu Technologies Pvt.Ltd.
Schematic Diagram: Mill Control System
Yu Technologies Pvt.Ltd.
Screen Shot: Mill Control System


  • Infrared Type Donnelly Chute Sensors ( We invented & are the only manufacturer of IR Sensors for Donnelly Chute Level ).
  • Radiometric top Roller Lift sensors.
  • Precision Motor load/ pressure Sensors.
  • Customized software is user friendly and the field data inputs ensure constant loads on the Mills at all times.

Yu Technologies Pvt.Ltd.
Block Diagram Of Mill Automation System

YUTECH Mill Automation Maximizes Performance & Saves:

  • Power.
  • Steam.
  • Fuel.
  • Costs.
  • Thereby Generates Sustained Revenues Year on Year.

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