YUTECH has successfully executed complete Power Plant Automations based on PLC and DCS Systems of different Platforms.


YUTECH Boiler Automation's Special Features:

  • Draft Fan Speed Algorithm: YUTECH has developed an algorithm to set optimum speeds for the given Load Condition to ensure the best Combustion Condition.
  • Boiler Load Balancing Algorithm of Two or more Boilers: YUTECH has also developed a Special Totally Dedicated Algorithm for Load balancing of Two or more boilers.
  • Result: Optimum Combustion Saves Fuel and improve Carbon Footprint by way of reducing CO while reducing Excess Air to the Furnace thus also Saving Power for Draft fans.
  • All boilers run at exactly the same desired loads and Steam Pressures of each Boiler are always within 0.05 Bar of each other.

Yu Technologies Pvt.Ltd.
Screen Shot: Boiler Automation Overall
Yu Technologies Pvt.Ltd.
Screen Shot: Combustion Control
Yu Technologies Pvt.Ltd.
Screen Shot: Load View Of Two Boilers
Yu Technologies Pvt.Ltd.
Screen Shot: Turbine Monitoring

Power Plant Automation Ensures Higher Efficiency:

  • Improved Efficiency by 2-55 depending on the Plant.
  • Improved Steam to Fuel Ratio due to increase in FW Temperature and increase in Boiler Efficiency (Please See Fuel Ratio Equation).
  • Optimum Combustion reduces Unburnt Fuel Losses this is evident from:
    • Decrease in Oxygen and Increase in Carbon Dioxide Percentage in Fuel Gas and the same time Reduction in excess Air Percentage.
    • Reduction in Fuel Gas carbon Monoxide Percentage.
    • Reduction in Excess Air means optimum usage of fan Drives and thus Power saving.
  • Maintained Steam Drum Level with Pressure Compensation Ensures Optimum Steam Generation while compensating.

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