• Fluid-Density: the Density of a particular Fluid.
  • Density: is defined as" Mass per unit volume", which means it is the Mass contained in a fixed volume. It is denoted by "p" which is a Greek Letter called "Rho".
  • Density can be derived using the formula "p = m/v" where p is the Fuild-Density, m is the Mass and V is Volume. The unit to measure Fluid- Density is kg/m3 (Kilogram per cubic meter).
  • Brix: the measurement in percentage by weight of sucrose in pure water solution.
  • Online Direct measurement of Brix in a Process Fluid is difficult, so indirect methods are used.
  • The most popular ways of measuring Brix are:
    • Hygrometric and Refractometric (Lab Methods).
    • High-Frequency or Radio-Frequency Conductivity Type Brix Sensing.
    • Microwave Type Brix Sensing.
    • Fluid-Density Type Brix Sensing.
  • While Conductivity or Microwave methods are very successful in measuring Brix of "B and C" Massecuite in CVP, Brix of Sugar Melt, and Brix in a Molasses Conditioner unit, they cannot measure Brix of "A" Massecuite as we measure the Fluid's electrical quality which is variable.
  • Fluid-Density Measurement using a Motorized Stirring Sensor proves very successful as it directly measures the Fluid's mechanical quality of Fluid irrespective of its electrical characteristics. Thus measured Fluid-Density Value is further processed in the Fluid-Density- Brix Equation, to derive Fluid-Density-Brix.

For Measuring FLUID-DENSITY-BRIX of Massecuite / Syrup / Melt / Liquor / Magma / Seed in:

  • Vertical Continuous Vacuum Pan (VCVP or VKT) Chambers.
  • Batch Type Vacuum Pans and Continuous Vacuum Pans.
  • Sugar Melters and Molasses Conditioners.
  • Evaporators.
  • Open Pans in Khandsaris or Mini Sugar Plants / Jaggery or Muscovado Plants.
  • Boiling Vessels in Jaggery or Muscovado Production.


  • FOOD & BEVERAGES: In Vessels or Pans for Monitoring the Consistency of Sauces / Slurries. / Pastes etc.
  • CHEMICAL / PHARMA: In Thickening / Thinning Vessels or Pans for Monitoring the Consistency of Chemical Slurries / Pastes.
  • DISTILLERIES: In Fermentation / Maturation Vessels and Spent-Wash Evaporators for Monitoring Brix.
  • BREWERIES: In Fermentation Vessels for Monitoring Brix Fermentation Vessels, Maturation Tanks.


  • Fluid-Density Type Brix Analyzer System targets sensing the Fluid-Density of Liquids, Slurries, or Syrups like Sugar Massecuite, Sugar Syrup, Sugar Melt, Liquors, and Molasses.
  • The Motorized Fluid-Density Sensor is specially designed to be inserted in a vessel to stir the Fluid Media and Measure its Fluid-Density, which can be expressed in simple terms as the Tightness or Thinness of a Fluid Media. It can also be informally referred to as the Consistency of the Fluid and is a Mechanical Property of a Fluid, which in Liquids is directly proportional to its Viscosity.
  • The Motorized Sensor's torque and power required to stir the Fluid varies with varying Fluid-Density.
  • Thus, the Motorized Fluid-Density Sensor's Power Consumption is directly proportional to the Fluid' s Density.
  • The Fluid-Density-Brix Analyzer's highly accurate Sensing Circuitry senses variation in the Motorized Fluid-Density Sensor's Power Consumption. This deviation is further processed to Derive the Raw Fluid-Density Value.
  • The Raw Fluid-Density Value is Linearized in the YUTECH Fluid-Density-Brix Equation.
  • The YUTECH Fluid-Density-Brix Equation is a complex Mathematical Algorithm with Built-in Fuzzy Logic that Accurately Analyzes, Calculates, and Derives the Fluid-Density-Brix Value from the Raw Fluid-Density Value.
  • This derived Fluid-Density-Brix Value is further analyzed and processed to compensate for Massecuite / Syrup Level variation within the Vessel.
  • Fully Compensated and Accurate Fluid-Density-Brix Value is Displayed and Transmitted for Controls.
  • Very Easy Calibration and Online Fluid-Density-Brix Compensation Recalibration.
  • 4-20 mA Output, Separate Modbus and Ethernet Communications.
  • On-line Calibration Software "YUTECH-AccessApp" provides Remote Access to Density-Brix Analyzer for Calibration, Compensation, and Trouble Shooting.

Innovative Features for Ease of Operation and to save on Installation Cost and Materials:

  • Built-in Fluid-Density-Brix Equation.
  • Built-in Level Compensation.
  • Built-in PID Controller with specialized logic built with years of experience in over 200 Sugar Factories:
    • Highly Accurate Fuzzy Logic PID Controller developed especially for Process Flow Control Applications.
    • Pan Control Logic built especially for Batch type Vacuum Pan Operations.
    • VC Pan Chamber Control Logic built especially for Vertical Continuous Pan Operations.
    • CVP Pan Chamber Control Logic built especially for Continuous Vacuum Pan Operations.
    • Special Control Logic built for Sugar Melter and Molasses Conditioner.
    • Remote Set Variable Facility.
  • Built-in 3-Point Auto/Manual Station to Select Control Output from:
    • Selector Switch for Local PID Output or DCS/PLC PID Output.
    • Manual Output for Trouble Shooting.
    • This feature simplifies installation by eliminating the need for installing a Junction Box and Extra wiring.


  • Power Supply: 85 - 265 VAC, 50 - 60Hz.
  • Analyzer Enclosure: IP67 Field Mounted Dust and Moisture Proof.
  • Input:
    • Fluid-Density Sensor Signal.
    • RTD PT 100 Temperature Sensor Signal.
    • DPT Level Transmitter Signal.
    • VFD RPM Signal (Optional).
    • Conductivity 8-Level Sensor Signal.
  • Calibration:
    • From Keyboard.
    • USB Port for Windows / Android-based YUTECH-AccessApp-BA.
  • Display:
    • Base Model: 4 Digit LED Dual Display.
    • Controller and Controller with Ethernet Model: 4 Digit LED Quad Display.
    • Sensor Cleaning and Washing Output: In-Built Potential Free Relay.
  • Sensor Cleaning Timing Cycle: Adjustable from Keyboard, default 15 Minutes.
  • Signal Output:
    • 4 - 20 mA Temperature Compensated Fluid-Density-Brix Output.
    • 4 - 20 mA PID Output (Controller and, Controller with Ethernet Models).
    • 2 Potential-Free Relay Outputs for High - Low Alarm.
  • Communications:
    • Ethernet Communication Protocol: Modbus-TCPIP, in Controller with Ethernet Model.
    • Modbus RTU, in Controller Model.


  • Motorized Circulator or Stirrer stirs the Fluid whose Fluid Density is to be measured.
  • Power consumed.
  • MOC: Wetted parts: Stainless Steel (SS316) / PTFE. Non-wetted parts: SS / MS / Aluminium / PTFE.
  • MOC: All SS and Food Grade PTFE Construction optional.
  • MOC: Wash Water Spray Tube: SS.
  • Solenoid Valve for Automatic Sensor Wash.
  • Sensor Shaft is sheathed in Leak Proof Mechanism.
  • Periodic Cleaning by a signal from the Fluid Consistency Brix Analyzer.
  • 24VDC Power Supply.


  • RTD PT 100 Temperature Sensor with Thermowell constructed out of Solid SS Bar.


  • DPT with Extended Diaphragm and Capillary Type Sensing (Optional).
  • 8-Level Conductivity Sensing (Standard).
    • MOC: Stainless Steel (SS316) / PTFE.

Product Code:

  • A15FDAACSCTRC1D4R4FM - A15FDA means Fluid-Density Analyzer of A15 Product Family.
  • A15FDAACSCTRC1D4R4FM - AC Power Supply.
  • A15FDAACSCTRC1D4R4FM - Analog Inputs and Outputs.
    • AI (CSCTR): Fluid-Density Sensor, 8 Step Level and RTD PT100, Optional: 4-20mA from DPT Type LT;
    • AO (C1): 1 Ch. 4-20mA (Brix); AO (C2): 2 Ch. 4-20mA (Ch. 1: Brix and Ch. 2: PID).
  • A15FDAACSCTRC1D4R4FM: Digital Inputs and Outputs.
    • DI (D4): 4 DIs (24VDC); DO (R4): 4 Relay Outputs (24VDC, 1A).
  • A15FDAACSCTRC1D4R4FM - Field Mounted Enclosure.
  • A15FDAACSCTRC2D4R4FMC - Analyzer with Controller Model.
  • A15FDAACSCTRC2D4R4FMCEM - Analyzer with Controller and Ethernet Model, EM: Modbus TCP/IP Communication (Ethernet).

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