Top Roller Lift Sensors, Indicators and Transmitters

We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Top Roller Lift Sensors, Indicators, Transmitters, Sugar Mill Process Instruments / Equipments / Machinery from Miraj, Sangli, Maharashtra, India.

Sugar Mill Process Instruments

Top Roller Lift Sensors, Indicators and Transmitters:
Product Code:
Hall’s Effect Type Sensing: ASDHETRLS10 AND ASDTRLIT222
Ultrasonic Type Sensing: ASDUSTRLS10 AND ASDTRLIT222

Top Roller Lift Sensors and Transmitter combination targets sensing the Lift or Float of the Sugar Mill’s Top Roller. The YUTECH Top Roller Lift Sensors and Transmitter System plays a crucial role in Sugar Mill Automation which results in Stabilizing the overall Sugar Process.

YUTECH Top Roller Lift Sensors:

• Primary Stage Mechanical Sensor: A Telescopic Arm senses the Lift or Float of the Sugar Mill's Top Roller.

• Secondary Stage Electronic Sensor: The Linear Movement of this Telescopic Arm is Transmitted to a Hall's Effect Sensor or Ultrasonic Sensor housed in an Extremely Rugged, Heavy Duty, Water-Proof, Ingress Protected, Weather Proof, Shock Proof Enclosure.

• Heavy Duty Enclosure protects the Primary and Secondary Sensor from Juice Mist created by Cane Feeding and Crushing Equipment and against all external abuse of being hit by Hot Water Sprays, Moisture, Dirt, Juice Mist, Weather and Cold Wash Water. Heavy Duty Enclosure also protects the Sensor from Extreme Vibrations generated due to Heavy Duty Cane Milling Equipment.

• The Hall's Effect Sensor translates the Telescopic Arm Movement into Top Roller Lift.

• Lift is then indicated in mm and transmitted as 4-20mA.