Automatic Condenser Control Systems

We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Automatic Condenser Control Systems, Sugar Mill Process Instruments / Equipments / Machinery from Miraj, Sangli, Maharashtra, India.

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Automatic Condenser Control Systems:

YUTECH Automatic Condenser Control Systems targets savings by streamlining the Vacuum Generation Process in a Water Jet Condenser. Massecuite / Syrup Level inside the Pan / Evaporator defines the requirement of Water to generate Vacuum. As this level increases, Water required to maintain Vacuum decreases and spraying more water beyond this point is a wasted effort. YUTECH Condenser Control Fuzzy Logic Algorithm calculates exact quantity of Water and commands the Valves / VFD to deliver that amount. This regulates the Power usage and results in Substantial Power Saving.

The YUTECH Intelligent Programmable Automatic Condenser Control Systems is a State-of-the-Art System having Built-in Fuzzy Logic for Automatic Water Spray and Jet Nozzle Control depending on Vacuum, Vapour Temperature and Tail Pipe Condensate Temperature.

YUTECH also undertakes Retrofitting of Automation System based on Stand-alone Controller or PLC in existing Single or Multiple Entry Condensers.

YUTECH also supplies complete Condenser Set

Automatic Condenser Control Systems Features :

Built-in Condenser Control Fuzzy Logic Algorithm to Analyze, Calculate and Control Water Outlet from Spray and Jet Nozzle Sets to achieve maximum Power Saving.
Built-in Communication Link :
Ethernet :
a. Modbus TCPIP or EtherNet/IP Communication Protocols
b. External PID Controller Calibration Facility from DCS / PLC- SCADA / HMI System via Ethernet. Control Variables can be accessed and changed from DCS / PLC- SCADA / HMI.
c. System Data is Communicated for Data Acquisition and Data Storage within DCS / PLC- SCADA / HMI.

USB Communication Facility: For Calibration from PC or Android using System’s USB Port.
YUTECH Access App: Calibration Software can be installed in PC or Android.